Radio Interviews

I gave an interview to KJZZ radio (a National Public Radio member station) in Phoenix, Arizona on May 24, 2019.

University Open Door Day

I presented bioarchaeological research to adults, teenagers and children during Arizona State University Open Door Day on 23 of February 2019. 

School Lectures, Poland (2011-present)

I have been visiting high schools to do outreach and teach about archaeology and my research on diseases, disabilities, and social perception of the diseased and disabled in medieval period. The visits include the 4th High School in Bydgoszcz (Poland) where I gave three lectures on 18th of May 2017 and the 5th High School in Bydgoszcz (Poland) in 2011 and 2018.

Museum Lectures, Poland (2011-present)

I have been giving lectures about archaeology and bioarchaeology at the Poznań Archaeological Museum (Poland) since 2011. The lectures have been intended for primary and high school pupils. Here are the most recent lectures:

19 October 2017: a lecture on paleopathology and a workshop on reading medieval texts that describe the life of the sick and disabled

12 October 2016: bioarchaeology, diseases, and disabilities in the Middle Ages

25 November 2015: bioarchaeology, how to identify pathological lesions and diseases on bones

24 and 26 November 2014: bioarchaeology, diseases, and disabilities in the Middle Ages

9 April 2011: ancient Maya

5 April 2011: perception of the disabled and the ill people in the past


Higher Field Education Academy, University of Cambridge, UK (28-29 March 2012)

Participating in the Higher Field Education Academy was a great chance to teach children archaeological survey methods. We dig up a small trench, excavated, and recorded our findings.